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Machineries List & Country of Origin

Machine Name Country of Origin
Hi Speed single face, fingerless Corrugation Machine India
Auto Paper Cutting Machine (Polar) Germany
Offset Printing Machine Germany
Lamination Machine (Paper/Board) India
Auto flute lamination Machine (Auto pasting) China
Semi Auto Plate Die Cutting Machine India
Semi Auto Roller Pasting Machine India
Semi Auto Roller Embossed Machine China
Automatic Paper Roll Cutting Machine India
Automatic Shoe Box Side Glowing Machine China
Semi Auto Foil & Embossed Machine India
Combined Slotting & Creasing Machine China
Thin Blade Creasing Machine China
Stitching Machine India
Wastage Binding/Bailing Machine India
Automatic Pressure Machine India
Plate Making Machine Bangladesh
Color Matching Light Box (D65) USA
X-rite eXact Device USA
275 KVA Generator (FG Willson) UK

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